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Eric Tortora Pato is a storyteller—but in a more useful sense, Eric is a filmmaker, Emmy®-winning animator, writer, illustrator, 2D and 3D concept artist, and producer. He also dabbles in sound and is addicted to collecting skills and hobbies. He plays a few different instruments, including the ukulele and programmable synthesizers, too.

Eric is currently based and working in New York City full time, where he is the Senior Video Producer and Motion Designer for Spectrum Science Communications and GHPR.

A proud Ibero-American/Portuguese Cultural Hispanic, Eric is a citizen of both the USA and the EU (via Portugal), and speaks some amount of English, Portuguese, and (increasingly) Spanish. Eric's writing and translating skills are higher than his speaking, but he's working on it. He wants to and will work wherever there is great work to be done and art to be made.

Para info en español o/ou em português, clique aquí.

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Eric is also the producer of the independent documentary feature film "Touching Sound: The Technika Documentary". Written and directed by Nicholas Dobkin. The film premiered at SDCC 2017, and has shown at Seattle's Tech Doc Fest, GDC's inaugural 2018 Film Festival, Manchester's MANIFF 2018, and Melbourne’s MDFF 2018. The film is continuing its festival run through 2019, actively seeking distribution on all platforms. Follow or inquire about the film here. 

Eric also exercises frequently, and is trying (with limited success) to lose some weight.