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spring 2018 and the site begins to update!

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the 1.0 version of the 2018 site! And just in time for me to start a new full time job tomorrow (yay!)! 

Anyway, this isn't a whole lot of an update on this end, except to just say that in addition to the new animation and motion graphics reel, and small little visual portfolio, more detailed expansions to the site will be coming (I really hope) very soon in the future, including live action and CGI reels and portfolios, photography and graphic design galleries, and sketchbook snaps. I might do a more complete overhaul at some point as well—although I love the main page of the template I'm currently using on Squarespace, a lot of other sections leave stuff to be desired.

Right now, though, I'm busy, and like I said, work starts tomorrow, so TTFN, folks!

Rain in Times Square Circle sub04.jpg